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How to check if your email is real:

To make sure your email is genuine, you need to verify the sender’s email address and email header and be really secure.

The screenshot which is shown below shows that the email was sent from mail-noreply@google.com. Is this sure that the email is really from Google? Well, it depends. If someone sets up a bad email server, you can send fake emails whose sending address can be displayed as whatever@google.com. They can fake this aspect, but not the rest.

So how do you make sure that the mail is actually coming from the real source, not someone else? In short, check the email header. This is also where the email client works. If you’re using Gmail, you can check the source very quickly by simply clicking the “Show details” arrow just below the sender’s name.

For that purpose, the important sections are mailing, signing and encryption. The email is really from Google because both of these fields show google.com. Emails claiming to come from a bank or large company always require an email sending field and a signature field. A visible mailing field means that the email was SPF certified. The signer field that appears indicates that the email was DKIM signed. Finally, email is almost always encrypted when sent from major banks and companies.

These fields guarantee that the email has been validated, but you need to make sure that it was validated by the same company that you believe might be sending from. For example, this email was sent by Google, so you need to display google.com in two fields. Some spammers have become smarter and have signed and verified their emails, but they do not match the actual company. Let’s take a look at an example:

As you can see, this email appears to have been sent by ICICI Bank, but the email address automatically questions the authenticity of the email. Rather than related to the bank name, the domain is seajin.chtah.com, which sounds very spam. This email has a sender field and a signer field, which is also not a bank domain. Finally, email has no encryption. This is very suspicious.


Next, there is an email by field, showing another email encrypted, but not from Microsoft. Here you can see that the domain is not Microsoft.com but an unprecedented domain. While verifying an email, the sender’s email address is from the company you believe to be from (whatever@paypal.com) and the email sender and signer are in the second half of the email address (paypal.com) Always make sure it is.

How to Change Your Verification Email for Google Accounts

With all services available through Google Accounts, from Google Analytic to Google Docs, it doesn’t take long for this single account to become an integral part of your business. This means you need to make sure you always have access and control over your account. If you change your email address or delete the email address used to verify your Google account, you need to change it on Google as soon as possible.

Accounts Not Linked to Gmail:

You can change it at any time, unless you use your Gmail account as a confirmation email on Google. For this, log in to your Google Account using your Google Account homepage and click the Edit link which is beneath your email address. Then you can add a backup email to your Google account. After adding the second address, access your email client, open the confirmation email, and verify your email account. Then, go back to Google Account homepage, and make your new email address which is your main email, and then delete the original email account if necessary.

Verification Emails:

As a security measure, if you change your confirmation email address, Google will send you two emails. One message will be sent to the new email address and you will be asked to click the link embedded in the message to confirm that it is the correct address. A second message is sent to your old email address notifying you that the address has changed. This message requires no action on your part. Sent as a security measure if someone accesses your account and attempts to remove access to your account.

Lost Access to Primary Email Account:

Sometimes people lost access to their google account. This can occur with services such as Hotmail if you have not actively used your account for some time. It can also happen if your web domain expires or you use an email address from a former employer. In most cases, the confirmation email sent to the old address when trying to remove it will not affect. However, if someone else owns the email address, the confirmation email may be used to prevent you from removing the address from your Google Account. To prevent this, use another recovery option, such as changing your password, adding a security question, or verifying your identity using cell phone verification.


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