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How to Check your all emails on Gmail account

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How to Check your all emails on Gmail account


We are living in the Era of technology and as the time is passing day by day technologies are getting more great and great than ever before. In past letters, posting were used for sharing of data or information. But now as we live in Advance & Modern full of unlimited Technologies, e-mail services are being used instead of Letter postings. E-mail stands for Electronic mail it is the best way to share your digital data through the any country or state of world to the other. If you are a Gmail, Email or other site user which is being used for mailing then you will definitely like this article. Usually in present time Everyone has more than one or two emails and having multiple emails is not a big  issue but the problem is that How to check your emails and manage them on Gmail account So this article will guide you to how to do this. Please follow the given steps

To import emails from an old yahoo, outlook or any other mailing service account you need to follow and do the given steps

  1. Open Google Mail, click the wheel icon in the top right and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. In your Gmail settings, go to the Accounts and Import
  3. Click Import mail and contacts.
  4. Fill in your email address, click Continue, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. In the next window, select which details you’d like to import.

Once you successfully added an account, Gmail should offer to add it as an alias, meaning you’ll be able to send emails from that address. If you agree, you’ll have to verify your new email alias, as described below. 

Managing Multiple Emails on Gmail:

Now that you have added one or more email accounts to Gmail, how can you best manage them? You can solve this challenge in several ways.

For one, you could treat all incoming mail the same and rely on your email aliases to adjust automatically. Or if you wanted to drop an old email address, you could choose the Always reply from default address option for your aliases and let your contacts pick up the new address in their own time.

How to Enable Multiple Inboxes in Gmail:

If, however, you added email accounts for work or different projects, you might want to keep those inboxes separate. In this case, I recommend using a former Gmail Labs feature called Multiple Inboxes.

Go to Settings and—unless you already see a Multiple inboxes tab—switch to the Advanced tab to enable Multiple Inboxes.

Now you should see the Multiple inboxes tab.

Note: You’ll have to use Gmail’s Default inbox, otherwise your Multiple Inboxes settings won’t show up. Go to Settings > Inbox and switch to Default. We will show you how to get some Priority Inbox features back below.

How to Add Another Email Address to Gmail Using POP3:

To add an email account to send and receive emails from that address, follow these steps:

  1. In Gmail, go to Settings > Accounts and Import.
  2. Under Check mail from other accounts, click Add a mail account.
  3. Gmail will probably pre-fill some information; supplement the password and select your preferred settings.

How to find your all Gmail accounts older, forgotten or other:

For many of us, there are simply too many online accounts to manage (or even remember!) on a daily basis.When it comes to email services, you can currently have multiple accounts, especially if you must have a professional email address outside of your personal account. If you have stopped using one of your email accounts for a long time, you should close it. However, you may have problems if you have forgotten the specific name of the address in question. Fortunately, Google offers useful recovery options for people who have used their particular email service. With that in mind, you can retrieve the information from the old Gmail account without too much trouble.

Recovery Method:

Like it or not, Google keeps detailed records of each of its users. Although this can be annoying or problematic at times, in a situation where you try to gain access to a previous account, it may be priceless. To begin the recovery process, visit the Google Account Recovery page, which you can find by visiting the standard Gmail login page and then clicking on “Forgot your email?” When you get to the page, the first thing you will be asked for is your email address or phone number. Since you don’t know your email address, click on the link at the bottom of the page that says “Forgot your email?”


At this point, you will be redirected to a new page that will ask for your recovery phone number or email. If you included your phone number or a separate email address as part of your recovery options when you set up your Gmail account, you can enter this information here. Once you enter your phone number or email address, you will be asked to provide your full name. At this point, Google can implement one of several security features, such as sending a security PIN to the phone number you have in the file or sending a security code to the recovery address you provided. These security protocols will help ensure that no one but you access your account. After providing this information and verifying your identity, Google will give you the option of regaining access to your account by setting a new password. If you wish to continue using this email account at this time, you can do so. You can also close the account if this is a better option for you. Whatever your specific preferences, it is important to remember that you must set a recovery option for any email account you establish through Google. In case you lose access to your account for any reason, these recovery tools can help you ensure that you restore accessibility as quickly as possible.

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