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How to Revamp Your Digital Presence

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How to Revamp Your Digital Presence


Old websites are just as bad for your business as no website at all. If they look outdated, have incorrect information, and have been left to collect digital dust for the past year or more, then now is the perfect time to revamp not just your website, but your entire digital presence with these easy steps:

1.   Have Professionals Update Your Website Design

It is smart to offer products or services online. Even if it’s not economical to sell individual items, you can offer subscription services that allow more people to shop from you with ease. Independent grocers, in particular, have found this business model to be very fruitful, as it keeps their business model simple while also securing a far more consistent income.

Think about how you can offer services, subscriptions, or products online to customers, and then work to invest in a website that can facilitate this extra income stream. If you don’t have experience with web design, then hiring a web designer in Australia is the perfect alternative. You need a great looking website that is optimized for search engines and equipped with a faultless ecommerce platform. Only when you have all three elements, can you start to expand your business online.

2.   Audit Through Your Content

While your website is being built, you will want to go through and audit all of your content for quality, readability, and accuracy. Add a great internal linking scheme, and work out ways you can make it even easier for you to link content together on your website.

3.   Strategize Your Social Media

Social media is a great way to build an organic collection of repeat business, but it can be hard. It requires ongoing attention to build your audience and connect with them in a real, authentic way. You will also need to be clever about the content strategy on these sites, as cross-posting has been proven time and again to not work.

You need to rethink your social media strategy and optimize the business tools available on all of them so that you can improve visibility and sales directly in-app.

4.   Invest in Proper SEO Services

SEO is the ultimate strategy because it has two main purposes. The first is to get your site ranking higher on relevant search engine queries. The second is to appeal to users. By focusing on Google SEO, you will also automatically improve the user experience. It’s a win-win strategy, and it takes many forms.

Local SEO efforts will focus on building your site and improving local NAP listings. Global SEO will work on improving your backlink profile. The right strategy depends on your niche, size, location, and audience. By optimizing your content, your technical specs, and how user-friendly your site is, you can grow your audience and visibility.

Revamping your digital presence will require a lot of specialists on board, so outsource the different steps and be sure to learn along the way. You can never stop improving your digital presence, so use this revamp as a launching off point for your future.

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