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Outlook vs. Gmail-Who is the best email provider

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Outlook vs. Gmail-Who is the best email provider


What should I choose for my business email services, Outlook, or Gmail? Most of the businesses get stuck at this point, as these two are the giants in the email providing sector. The competition is fiercer when we have a look at the benefits of Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. No doubt both email service providers are doing a great job out there, but you need to make a choice here.

If you are not into technology, you might feel that fuss about Outlook vs. Gmail us useless. Well, there are a lot of things about these two email providers that you are not considering. The debate about Gmail or Outlook has a lot to cover, and we are going to see what the best option for individuals and businesses is?

1.     Ease of Use- Outlook vs. Gmail

Let’s start the race from a fundamental factor. Ease of use is the most important thing that we all look for in any service. Here are the details of Outlook vs. Gmail services in terms of ease of use.


If you are not using Chrome for Gmail services, you may have to face some interruptions like slow page loading or page crashing. On Chrome, the experience is too smooth, and the inbox has various categories to facilitate the non-technical users also.

You can perform any action for an email right from the top of the email. There are several action buttons like delete, mark as read, and select.


If you are an old user of Microsoft Hotmail, you may not feel the changes in the user experience, but they have evolved a lot. The overall feel of the Outlook is somehow uncluttered. There are a lot of advanced tabs and options that you may never use, but they are helpful.

There are two windows, one for the overall emails and then the other significant window for the email that you choose. The overall look of the Outlook needs modifications.


In Outlook vs. Gmail, you will find Gmail easier and smooth in terms of experience and ease of use.

2.     Storage- Outlook vs. Gmail

Storage is another factor that you need to consider as you are going to save a lot of email and the attachments. Here, both Outlook and Gmail offer the same storage space of 15 GB for the users.

There are premium plans too that you can use for the corporate level, and the Gmail can be upgraded to 1 TB storage space in the premium version.


The basic plans of both services offer 15 GB storage, so there is no winner here.

3.     Cost- Outlook vs. Gmail

For individual users, both email service providers offer free of cost services. If you want a typical email address for personal use, you are good to go with any services as per your liking.

For the corporate level, you need to use the real potential. Therefore, you need upgraded versions of Microsoft Outlook and Google’s Gmail.


With the price tag of $12.50 for the Outlook premium account, it beats the Gmail that costs $25. So, Outlook seems like winning the game here.

4.     Options- Outlook vs. Gmail

Both email services are leading the market with ultimate premium features. Although their user experience and the layouts can be different yet both services offer almost all the features. From the individual user to the business-level use, you will find everything here.


In terms of the features, your business type and your personal interest decide a lot. Some options in Outlook may beat Gmail, and some are better in the case of Gmail.

Final Verdict

If we compare both services, the winner of Outlook vs. Gmail is hard to decide. Both email providers have their own perks and limitations. The choice of the right email service also depends on your business type. For most of the businesses, the users are non-technical, so Gmail seems like a better choice with clean UX. On the other hand, Outlook offers premium and advanced features that can make the job easier for your staff. The option is yours, and you can go to the service provider that meets your requirements.

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