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Three Key Areas of IT you Should Outsource

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Three Key Areas of IT you Should Outsource


The internet and IT has had a significant influence on the way companies work. From email to websites, social media to internal networks, IT streamlines a company’s operations, increasing its productivity and maximizing its exposure to new clients.

The problem is, the broad term “IT” covers so many different disciplines, it often feels impossible to know where to start down the line of getting your company networked and online.

To make IT work successfully for your company, you need dedicated teams to look after each aspect of your individual requirements – whether that be network infrastructure, website maintenance or interaction on social media. For the majority of SME’s this simply isn’t financially viable. Or is it?

The benefits

Unless your company operates solely online, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to justify employing dedicated departments to look after your IT needs. Instead, outsourcing offers a viable solution, allowing companies to choose when and how they utilize IT and web expertise.

Outsourcing is, for most companies, the most productive and cost-effective solution for their IT and web requirements.

Outsourced IT networking

While it could conceivably be argued you might get away with updating your social profile or website yourself, one area that definitely requires specialized support is your IT network. IT is so integral to the modern business landscape that it’s given rise to dedicated support and integration companies like the Techware Corporation.

Most organizations rely on a combination of desktops, laptops, and cellphones to keep their staff connected, and this increasing move to mobile and multiple device access has given rise unique new threats. Without adequate skills and experience, your company is wide open to attack. The best way to ensure security on your network is to employ an outsourced security specialist

IT is such a broad and diverse industry that just one company or individual can’t handle all its various disciplines. Rather, the most effective option is to outsource these services to external companies, freeing up your time to concentrate on running your business.

Outsourced social media marketing

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying social media is here to stay, and its influence on business growth can be profound. When used correctly, social media can generate traffic to your website and bring new business.

Social media helps connect you with existing customers – while also promoting you to new, untapped markets. The problem is, just like the rest of IT, to make your social presence work effectively takes time and effort.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are considered the major players with the most considerable influence and number of users – in effect, five different online profiles, each of which needs constant maintenance to play an effective role. This process of updating continuously content just isn’t viable for most companies.

Instead, why not consider engaging with a social marketing agency to set up your profile and – more importantly – manage your pages. The world of social media moves quickly, and the only way to effectively leverage its benefits is to generate regular, interesting content. Social marketing companies will do this for you.

Outsourced website management

Most business owners already acknowledge the importance of their website. Equally, most are also aware they need to keep their website updated. The problem is, the vast majority don’t have time to do so.

These days, suppliers are sourced, initial phone calls made and contracts awarded on the strength of a company’s presence at the top of a Google search. It’s very simple – if your site isn’t being found, your site isn’t working for you.

A website management company will look after your site maintenance – first and foremost ensuring it doesn’t get hacked but also ensuring every other aspect of your site is kept fresh and updated.

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