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Why Data is So Important When Running an Email Marketing Campaign

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Why Data is So Important When Running an Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing campaigns can be utilized for a variety of reasons. They may look to sell a large number of people a product, or they may look to advertise a service a company is are offering. What is common, however, to all marketing campaigns is that they need to hit the correct audience in order to ensure that they do not instantly get pushed into the trash section. What ensures this is not the case is the prior collection of data. If this data collection is unsuccessful or not thorough enough, then the campaign won’t “land”.

Data is one of the main ingredients to making a successful email marketing campaign, and the only prerequisite is that it must be personal. A few examples of the data that is useful for running marketing campaigns are more general things like age, gender, and marital status, or more niche things like favorite types of food or the TV shows they watch. This post will look at why data is such an important part of the recipe for running a great campaign.

Boost the Levels of Engagement

Typically email marketing campaigns gather a small amount of traction unless they are on a gargantuan scale. The average person will not be all that engaged with what your campaign is concerning, and as a result they will not feel inclined to engage with it at all (this is generally true for all unsolicited emails that people find in their inbox). By being more data driven, you can limit these experiences and make your campaign much more successful. The companies using marketing analytics are able to do this extremely efficiently.

By matching people in terms of their interests, or their own personal characteristics, you can target an audience that is likely to be more appreciative of what you are marketing. For example, sending thousands of emails to young adults about home equipment to relieve joint pain will be generally off the mark. By utilizing big data, you could select an older cohort who will be much more likely to be engaged with the product. This will give you a much better response rate, and in the long term save you much more in time and resources taking a more direct approach.

Improve Content Quality

New information that comes from being engaged with the data allows the campaign to adapt and improve on the back of what has been discovered. This is because being data concerned will tell the campaign who is shying away from what is being offered and may even shed light on why this is the case. Being in tune with the changing marketing environment is key as it will allow the campaign to stay afloat in the competitive environment by being self-improving.

Running an email marketing campaign is not easy, however, and it will take time to get it right, and to get the amount of engagement that you are looking for in the long term. Do not be dissuaded, however, and understand that by listening to what your audience are (or are not) saying, you will be in a much better place to adapt in response to this.

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